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Catalyst Advantages

Achieve scale in the majority of power markets, including ERCOT Houston Hub.



Internalize grid-related costs–cost advantage over as-available renewables.

Mitigate basis, covariance and curtailment risk present in other renewable assets – existing thermal asset provides long-term hedge against these factors.

Lower implied heat rate of conventional assets, enhancing competitiveness.

Mitigate key development risk factors, e.g., transmission interconnection.

Lower overall weighted GHG content–long-term hedge against carbon legislation.

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Power Marketing
Goals & Strategies

Leverage thermal asset ownership to create high-value structured PPA offerings to meet the growing corporate demand for firm power.

Utilize our team’s combined experience, leadership and innovation to rapidly transition U.S. electricity system to renewable infrastructure.

Execute long-term (7-15yr) PPAs with investment-grade credit offtakers.

Capture 300MW-1GW of U.S. annual corporate PPA market (~11 GW market in 2020).


Engaging and selling directly to corporate, municipal and
utility offtakers.


Providing wholesale supply and firming services to utility green pricing programs.


Working alongside industry partners and leading NGOs.

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